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HAUNTED HOUSE SHIRT (available in 3 styles!)

HAUNTED HOUSE SHIRT (available in 3 styles!)

If you've seen the 1960's movies "Girl in Gold Boots" and "It's A Bikini World" then you've probably wished you had a time machine to squeeze into with your best monster friends for a night out dancing at the famous Haunted House nightclub in Hollywood (which according to my research became the infamous Cave later on)!

This place had it all! A hallway filled with monsters leading up to the main room, which had an incredible stage that was a giant monster mouth! Dancing bat girls! It has to be seen to be believed. There's also a pretty great HOLLYWOOD BACKSTAGE segment that shows Sonny & Cher visiting the Haunted House.

We here at Cosmic Dracula are kind of obsessed with this place so we wanted to pay tribute with this shirt design. It is available in red ringer, white and black. Not a 100% certain what kind of shirt they will be screened on, it's more difficult to get things these days as there are shortages and delays.

And if you're just a person that doesn't care about obscure long gone 1960's Hollywood haunts, but loves Halloween and spooky stuff and vintage stuff and haunted houses, this shirt is perfect for you too! Trust me, no one will know what it's from anyway!

One last thing, if you know ANYTHING about the Haunted House nightclub other than what is mentioned here, please email us at [email protected] and spill the beans! We want to know EVERYTHING, even if it's just to tell us that your uncle walked by it one time and told you about it or something.

Fangs in advance!

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